Executive Committee

The purpose of the Executive Committee is to provide advice to assist with the management of the CRC. The Committee's role shall be advisory and decisions made by the Committee shall not be binding upon the CRC until ratified by the governing Sheep CRC Board. The term of appointment of the Executive Committee members is generally for the life of the CRC. If a member ceases involvement with the CRC, then the person assuming those duties will be the automatic replacement.

Membership of the Executive Committee will be as follows:

Chief Executive Officer; Chief Financial Officer; Industry Engagement and Training Coordinator; Research Program Leaders; Representative of Meat & Livestock Australia; other persons as the governing Sheep CRC Board determines.

The Executive Committee is responsible for overseeing the management of the CRC to ensure that:

  • Research Programs comply with the objectives of the CRC;
  • Quality of the research is maintained;
  • Delivery against agreed outputs and outcomes of the Commonwealth Agreement;
  • Coordination of and communication between Research Programs is maintained; and
  • Liaison with the Commonwealth is maintained.

Executive Committee Members

Professor James Rowe
Chief Executive Officer

Professor James Rowe holds a PhD in animal nutrition. His research on sheep and cattle production has resulted in a number of new products and innovative feeding systems. He has worked in the public sector with international organisations, large private sector companies and at the University of New England. In 2002 he was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Sheep Industry CRC and currently holds the position of CEO with Sheep CRC Ltd.


Kate Woodland-Smith
Chief Financial Officer/Company Secretary

Kate Woodland-Smith is a Chartered Accountant with experience spanning 30 years across multiple business sectors in public practice and with not-for-profit organisations. Kate holds a Bachelor of Financial Administration – Accounting (UNE). She has expertise in management reporting, budget development, statutory reporting, audit, risk management, taxation and regulatory compliance and corporate governance. Her experience includes numerous Board and Director appointments with community organisations.


Dr Lewis Kahn
Program 1 Leader - Enhanced sheep wellbeing and productivity

Professor Lewis Kahn holds a PhD in nutritional biochemistry from the University of New England.  His research has been in the fields of sheep health, reproduction, grazing management and parasite ecology which have contributed to the development of integrated parasite control programs for sheep. Lewis is Executive Officer with ParaBoss, the national organisation that leads the development and extension of best practice information, training and tools to improve parasite management of sheep in Australia.  Lewis also works with livestock producers on a wide range of issues and brings a system approach to Program 1.


Professor Dave Pethick
Program 2 Leader - Quality-based sheep meat value chains

Professor Dave Pethick holds a PhD qualification from Cambridge University (UK) and an undergraduate Degree in Agricultural Science from the University of Adelaide. His research in fundamental and applied meat science in beef, lamb and sheepmeats has made a major contribution to the understanding of meat quality and its management. He is head of Production Animal Research at Murdoch University and was previously Program Manager for Meat Science for the Beef CRC. Dave is employed by Murdoch University and is Program Leader of the Meat Program with the CRC.


Professor Julius Van der Werf
Program 3 Leader - Faster affordable genetic gain

Professor Julius van der Werf holds a PhD (1990) in Animal Breeding from Wageningen University in the Netherlands. After appointments as Assistant Professor in Wageningen, and Senior Researcher in dairy cattle breeding at the National Institute for Animal Science and  Health, he moved to the University of New England (Armidale, NSW) in 1997, first as senior lecturer and now as Professor in Animal Breeding and Genetics. His expertise varies from genetic evaluation and breeding program design to analysis and use of genomic information. Julius of Program Leader of the CRC's Genetics program.


Lu Hogan
Industry Engagement & Training Coordinator

Lu Hogan holds a Bachelor of Agricultural Science from the University of Melbourne. She comes from a farming background and until 2002 was a wool, sheep and grain producer in the Riverina region of southern New South Wales. Prior to joining the CRC in 2009, Lu worked with CSIRO and the Victorian Department of Agriculture and was General Manager, Wool Production at AWI, responsible for on-farm research, development and innovation relating to animal health, welfare, genetics, genomics, wool harvesting, pastures, natural resource management, education and adoption of innovation within industry.


David Faulkner
Commercialisation Manager

David graduated from the University of Sydney in 1981, completing a Bachelor of Agricultural Economics degree. He has worked in the Animal Health and Feed Industries since graduation in Australia, Brazil, China and throughout South-East Asia. His experience includes roles in sales, marketing, General Management and Regional Management with leading companies in the Animal Health and Feed Additive/Ingredients sectors.


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