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The Sheep CRC is an independent organisation that performs research and develops technologies to enhance the Australian sheep industry. The CRC receives grant funding from the Australian Government and its Participants contribute cash and in-kind resources.


Based at the University of New England in Armidale NSW, the Sheep CRC operates under a Commonwealth Agreement with the Department of Industry and Science.

CRC Programme

The CRC programme supports industry led end-user driven research collaborations to address the major challenges facing Australia. Australia’s network of CRCs operates across all sectors of Australia’s economy and society.  

Further information about the  Cooperative Research Centre program.

2007 - 2014

The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) was established for a term of seven years with effect from July 2007 to undertake a program of research and delivery of innovation to the Australian sheep industry. The role of this CRC was to facilitate transformation of the sheep industry through making sheep easier to manage, developing the production and processing of meat and wool to meet increasing consumer expectations and by increasing the uptake of new technologies by the industry. The Sheep CRC exceeded the objectives set by the Commonwealth in 2007 for its seven year research program which ended on 30 June 2014. For more information on the research and outcomes of this CRC please click on Archive 2007-2014.


An extension application to extend the CRC's term for a further five years was lodged with the Federal Government's CRC Programme during 2013 and was successful in gaining further funding until 30 June 2019. The extension includes plans to enhance monitoring and management of sheep wellbeing, introduce value-based trading of sheep meat, and deliver affordable DNA-based genetic tools.

Our challenge

The major challenge for the Sheep CRC's extension program is to "make the possible practical" through technological transformation of the Australian sheep industry through the use of cutting edge research and technology.

The importance of meeting this challenge has been recognised by all levels of industry, with sheep breeders, commercial producers, processors, service providers, supermarkets and research agencies all committing resources to the five-year plan. With over 40 Participants, the Sheep CRC now coordinates the most comprehensive group that has ever been assembled to work cooperatively to shape and deliver a livestock research and development program with whole-of-industry benefits.

Three research programs have been designed to continue the technological transformation of the sheep industry:

  1. Enhanced sheep wellbeing and productivity
  2. Quality-based sheep meat value chain
  3. Faster affordable genetic gain

These challenging research programs will be tackled by a team that has already demonstrated effective collaboration and an ability to deliver defined outcomes.  New Participants, joining the CRC for this extension program, will strengthen the end-user focus and contribute to the goal of achieving widespread industry engagement and rapid uptake of the new technologies.

News Releases

Commercialisation manager to maximise impact of sheep research
The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has moved to maximise the ongoing impact of its research through the appointment of experienced agribusiness leader David Faulkner as its product commercialisation manager. Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/commercialisation-manager-to-maximise-impact-of-sheep-research-04-10-2016.php
Two CRCs join forces to deliver big data solutions for livestock
Managing the well-being of sheep is set to become significantly easier for producers, thanks to a new collaboration tapping into the data science used in Australia’s national security systems. An agreement between the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) and the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC) will see the two groups working together to develop new data-based... Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/two-crcs-join-forces-to-deliver-big-data-solutions-for-livestock-31-05-2016.php
Practical profitable sheep programs win major awards
The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has scooped the pool, winning two major research awards and being shortlisted for a third at the 2014 CRC Association Awards last night. The Sheep CRC received the CRC Program’s Star Award for high-level engagement with small and medium size businesses through its highly successful programs ‘Managing Scanned Ewes’, and the award for Excellence in... Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/practical-profitable-sheep-programs-win-major-awards-21-05-2014.php
CRC extension ensures bright future for sheep industry
Sheep producers can look to the future with confidence with news that the industry’s Cooperative Research Centre has secured funding for a further five years. The Commonwealth Department of Industry has today announced that the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has been successful in its extension application, with $15.5 million to be provided to support its activities from 2014 through... Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/crc-extension-ensures-bright-future-for-sheep-industry-21-02-2014.php
Genomic revolution to hit turbo drive in Sheep CRC extension bid
Use of full genome sequencing to turbo charge the rate of genetic gain in the national sheep flock is a core objective of a new research agenda proposed by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC). Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/genomic-revolution-to-hit-turbo-drive-in-sheep-crc-extension-bid-24-10-2013.php
Sheep CRC a step closer to five-year extension
The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) is a major step closer to winning a five-year funding extension for its ground-breaking research, following confirmation by the Commonwealth Government that its application has been shortlisted. Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/sheep-crc-a-step-closer-to-fiveyear-extension-26-08-2013.php
Industry backs CRC's track record of success
Some 35 organisations, covering the full length of the sheep supply chain, are supporting an extension of the highly successful Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC). The Sheep CRC is entering its final year ready to reach – and in many cases exceed – the objectives set by the Commonwealth in 2007 for its seven current research programs. “The current Sheep CRC is delivering on all of its... Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/industry-backs-crcs-track-record-of-success-18-06-2013.php
Sheep CRC takes CRCA Collaborative Innovation Award
The Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC) has again been recognised for its exceptional work in the area of genetic improvement for the sheep industry for its Information Nucleus Program. It was awarded an Inaugural Australian Collaborative Innovation Award, presented at an awards dinner at the Cooperative Research Centres Association of Australia (CRCA) Conference last night [Eds: May 16] in... Click Here To Read Full Article » https://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/sheep-crc-takes-crca-collaborative-innovation-award-17-05-2012.php
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