Measuring, recording and decision making - Precision sheep management (PSM)

Precision Sheep Management (PSM) focuses on managing individual or selected groups of animals to take advantage of the large variation between animals within a flock. It requires accurate measurement, selection, management and marketing strategies. A structured approach to strategy planning is provided which includes software to optimise flock structures, culling, ram selection and joining. Implementation is delivered through the collection and use of information, with PSM software and hardware tools enabling efficient and effective individual animal management.

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Sheep CRC wins award for Precision Sheep Management

Our vision has been for a more integrated production system based on measurement, management and marketing of animals according to their individual merit. Selection on merit allows management according to potential, and selling based on market specifications.

The sheep industry has an enormous opportunity for productivity gain because of the measurable variation within a flock. While large differences exist between the top 25 percent and bottom 25 percent of animals in fleece weight, fibre diameter, growth rate and reproduction, the differences in dollar value can be extreme – three to five times between the upper and lower quartiles.

PSM uses selection, management and marketing strategies to increase the value of the top 25 percent of the flock and minimise the costs of the bottom 25 percent. These management approaches will only be realised if animals are measured for their potential level of production.

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Zero Error Profit Boost for Sheep

The Sheep CRC’s award winning Precision Sheep Management system has proven a winner for local farmers. Previously, John Coughlan manually recorded flock data but now with help from the NSW Department of Primary Industries he has eliminated data error and is boosting the profitability of his 5,500-head Merino flock.

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Profiting from Individual Electronic Identification (eID)

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Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers

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Sheep self mustering - muster in your sleep

News Releases

Agriculture ripe for big data revolution
Agriculture is the ideal target for the development of new big data applications which can convert decades of research into usable information for farmers, according to chief executive of the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry Innovation (Sheep CRC), James Rowe. Speaking at yesterday’s Connect Expo Big Data Strategy Summit in Melbourne, Prof. Rowe told the conference that agriculture was particularly well... Click Here To Read Full Article »
EID for sheep pays quick dividends at Gilgai Farms
Implementing electronic identification (eID) and individual measurement has delivered both immediate and ongoing financial returns for Geurie, NSW, sheep producer, Eric Harvey. The eID system allowed him to quickly identify high and low performing animals, with subsequent culling improving the overall flock value by $4/head. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Less is more for WOW data
In the new world of "Big Data" determining what data is reliable and what is just "noise" is vital, and the case for in-paddock walk-over-weighing (WOW) of sheep liveweight is no different according to Holmes Sackett farm business consultant David Brown. The University of New England PhD graduate based his research on the use of WOW as a potential technology for regularly and precisely recording the live weights of individual... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Helping our producers move into the digital age
Australian sheep producers will have new tools to improve genetics, on-farm management and farmgate returns from a new research project supported by the Coalition Government. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Animal welfare social research to the next level
Researchers have begun a series of sheep producer focus groups to examine in detail current monitoring practices and their attitudes towards animal welfare. Click Here To Read Full Article »
eID pays dividends for small flock at Henty
With a small flock of around 500 ewes, Lee and Hetty O’Brien have found significant benefits from a modest investment in electronic identification (eID) equipment. Click Here To Read Full Article »
eID: Better information, better decisions, faster results
Electronic identification (eID) technology is offering sheep producers a chance to improve sheep breeding selection, animal well-being and performance management of their flock. To assist producers to capitalise on the opportunities, a field day was run at Mt William, Guyra on Tuesday. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Overwhelming response to sheep welfare survey
There has been an overwhelming response to a sheep industry survey from farmers, scientists and consumers, which questioned attitudes and practices relating to animal wellbeing. Click Here To Read Full Article »
International research community interested in CRC approach to sheep wellbeing
The international research community is showing interest in a new Australian sheep wellbeing program that has the goal of predicting which individual animals in a flock may be at risk. Click Here To Read Full Article »
New era ahead for technology focussed sheep industry
Adoption of new technology is driving significant productivity gains in the sheep industry, with new research set to accelerate the use of DNA testing and flock management tools. Click Here To Read Full Article »
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Producer Training

eID for Sheep Management & Breeding

This short course is designed for sheep breeders to increase their understanding of the technology, data collection and analysis. Participants will develop the skills and confidence to effectively implement eID within their enterprise. By the end of the course participants will have developed an eID plan for their enterprise. The course is structured in three one-day sessions and a one-on-one meeting over a three month period to maximise knowledge retention, skills development and practice change. The program involves professional facilitation of discussion groups, practice by doing, on-farm demonstration and teaching others.

Precision Sheep Management webinar training

A series of recordings from live training webinars with an audience of sheep producers interested in introducing Precision Sheep Management to their enterprises is now available for download.

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