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ASBV Case Studies

Several case studies are available on the use and benefits of ASBVs - download the individual case studies below.

ASBV Pocket Guide

Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers

Compact Shoulder Roast

eID Case Studies

Feeding Grain for Sheepmeat Production CD

The Feeding Grain for Sheep Meat Prodution CD is available by contacting Janelle Holzberger at the Sheep CRC on 02 6773 2927.

Individual Animal Management Learner Guide 2007

International Sheep and Wool Handbook

Making more from sheep

Making more from Sheep is a best management practice program to help sheep producers do what they do, even better.

Marketing your sheep with genetic data

Merino Sheep Breeding Trainer Guide

Parasite Control in Sheep Training Guide

The Internal Parasite Control in Sheep Reference Manual and Trainer Guide has been developed by Sheep CRC and NSW TAFE to allow vocational and education trainers (primarily in the TAFE, Agricultural College and School systems) to deliver up to date knowledge and skills in the area of sheep worm control to their students. It is designed to be used in conjunction with a Power Point presentation, also produced by the Sheep CRC and NSW TAFE. This guide has been designed to be used in the national competency elements:

RTE3402A - Animal health control Programs, Elements 01,02,03,04 / RTE3712A - Administer medication to livestock, Elements 02,02,03 / RTE3115A - Implement livestock husbandry practices, Elements 01,02,03,04 / RTE4119A - Supervise animal health programs, Element 01

This trainer guide is structured to cover: training outline including resources, purpose and a suggested approach; practical exercises including resources, purpose, instructions for trainers and student worksheets; short answer questions which include both a worksheet for students and the answers for trainers; assessment sheet; and resources.

File downloads:
Please note that these resources are copyright. Special permission is granted to Australian Registered Training Organisations to reproduce these materials in full without changes. However, such organisations are permitted to add the name and logo of their training organisation to the Activity Worksheets and Power Point presentations.

PSM Glovebox Guide

PSM Software - Feedlot Calculator

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