Luke Murphy, Karbullah Poll Merino Stud, Goondiwindi (QLD)

Luke Murphy
Luke Murphy



Measurement holds the key

“My Dad’s favourite saying is if we can’t measure it we can’t improve it!

The availability of advancements like ASBVs and genomics tests are taking sheep breeding programs to a new level of accuracy and efficiency. But, there is certainly still a place for visual assessments.”

About Luke Murphy

22-year-old Luke Murphy, son of Mark and Vicki Murphy of Karbullah Poll Merino Stud near Goondiwindi in Queensland, is primarily involved with data management for the family Poll Merino stud.

With a background in IT, Luke knows how invaluable technology advancements are to the growth of the sheep industry.

eID tags have been seen as a real profit driver for the Karbullah business, as have the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) and DNA tests.

“Electronic identification tags are labour saving and increase the accuracy of data collection and use. The electronic tagging is connected to the Koolcollect data system, which enables us to collect, collate and analyse data,” Mr Murphy said.

“The ability to predict breeding values based on DNA samples taken from young rams will allow us to shorten the generation interval for breeding programs and potentially increase rates of genetic gain by around 50 per cent.”

Take home messages

  • ASBV data enables the ram buyer to understand the estimated performance of a ram’s progeny.
  • Know what information you want from eID and focus your dollar on what you need to achieve these outcomes.
  • DNA tests can provide sheep breeders with information about genetic merit for traits that are normally not measured such as meat tenderness and adult fleece characteristics.

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