Jamie Heinrich, Ella Matta White Suffolk & Poll Merino Stud, Parndana SA

Jamie Heinrich
Jamie Heinrich


Exciting times for young sheep breeders

After three years working for Thomas Foods International (TFI), Jamie Heinrich has returned to the family property where he is now heavily involved in data collection and management for their stud operation.

“From a sheep genetics perspective, it’s an extremely exciting time for me to come back on to the land. With improvements being made every day to genomics and embryo transfer technology, there are certainly big opportunities going forward for young sheep producers.”

About Jamie Heinrich

Jamie's family run a White Suffolk and Poll Merino stud on Kangaroo Island, South Australia.

In their commercial flock they mate 1500 Merino ewes to Merinos and 1000 for prime lambs, plus having a White Suffolk stud ewe flock of 500 and about 400 Poll Merino ewes.

As early adopters of MERINOSELECT, LAMBPLAN and now DNA testing, Jamie said these technologies were increasing genetic gain significantly.

“This year we undertook a genomics trial with the objective of speeding our genetic gain,” he said.

“We tested 50 per cent of our best ewe lambs, and from those results we were able to select the very best 15 ewe lambs, which will give our breeding program a huge boost.”

Take home messages

  • Genomic testing gives an added level of confidence in the selection process, making it easier to ensure consistent genetic gain.

  • Genomics also gives breeders access to information about hard to measure traits, like eating quality.

  • Embryo Transfer technology used in conjunction with genomics can improve the entire flock status significantly.

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