Dr Kelly Manton-Pearce, Murdoch University, Murdoch (WA)

Kelly Manton-Pearce with son Alaistair
Kelly Manton-Pearce with son Alaistair

Understanding lamb market demands

The driving force for Western Australian farmer Dr Kelly Manton-Pearce to successfully apply for a 2012 Nuffield Scholarship was the need to understand the market specifications for sheepmeat that she and husband Alan were producing on their Yealering property.

“My Nuffield project was largely focussed on what drives the current and future lamb market demands. Having this insight will help the Australian lamb industry in specialising its product. Furthermore, it will help us form better relationships with those up the supply chain - where the future is for our lamb.”

About Kelly Manton-Pearce

Kelly, who is now also a director of WA Meat Marketing Cooperative Ltd (WAMMCO), undertook her Nuffield Scholarship to learn about current and future markets, and to understand how people are consuming Australian product and their expectations for the future.

“By understanding these drivers of demand it helps us really specialise our business and certainly helps form some better relationships with those up the supply chain, because that’s where the future is for lamb,” she said.

Kelly believes improved communications within the supply chains will be beneficial to future growth and prosperity in the Australian sheepmeat industry.

“Good communication is essential, and part of that is good knowledge and feedback down the supply chain to producers,” she said.

“Where Australia is lacking, is in feedback about carcass information and benchmarking, as well as up-to-date supply and market information.”

Take home messages

  • Good communications is crucial to improving sheepmeat supply chains.

  • There is room for improvement in the Australian sheepmeat supply chains around feedback to producers and consumers.

  • Information about carcass performance will help the Australian industry meet domestic and export consumer demands.

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