Adam Price, Majardah Poll Dorset Stud, Glencoe (SA)

Adam, Kallan, Kaleb and Jodie Price
Adam, Kallan, Kaleb and Jodie Price


Targeting specific traits

The Price family have been advocates for LAMBPLAN since the mid-nineties, so Adam recognises the value that technological advancements like ASBVs can have in a stud breeding program.

“With the use of LAMBPLAN and now the introduction of DNA testing, we have the capacity to target specific traits for change, while holding others constant.”

About Adam Price

Based near Mount Gambier in South Australia, Adam operates a family-based commercial Poll Dorset and White Suffolk stud enterprise with his wife Jodie Price and parents Ruth and Dale Price.

Adam and his family breed approximately 650 stud ewes, 80 per cent Poll Dorset and 20 per cent White Suffolk, primarily for commercial flock ram production along with semen and stud sires.

“My advice to stud producers is to invest in technology as it will return positive dividends and free up time for other on-farm operations,” he said.

“Using advanced objective measurements can significantly enhance breeding programs and phenotypical or visual assessment.

“While younger people usually adopt new technology quite readily, this is not always the case. Breeding programs are really about clearly defined goals that will be adapted and changed as new information becomes available.”

He also sees the value of young people coming back to the family property.

“I think young people, or people with different levels of experience, offer a new perspective on traditional practices that should be embraced,” he said.

Take home messages

  • The future of Australia’s sheep breeding programs lies with ASBVs, genomics tests and enthusiastic young sheep breeders.

  • Genomics tests can be used to identify potential sire prospects 12 months in advance of traditional breeding programs.

  • ASBVs and genomics testing reducer’s generational interval in rams and in-turn speeds up genetic gain.

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