Sheep Genomic Tests - in 3 simple steps

Published on 3 Sep 2014

Dr Stephen Lee explains 3 simple steps to faster genetic gain through DNA testing. To find out how to order your DNA tests click here.

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DNA testing turns meat quality dream into reality

Published on 7 Apr 2014

The long-held dream of guaranteeing the eating quality of every single sheep that comes off his farm is now a reality for Western Australian sheep breeder Dawson Bradford.
Mr Bradford believes genetic testing will help to eventually eliminate variability in meat quality, however its success means doing the hard work now to identify the right breeding stock for the industry.
He is already using DNA testing to identify rams in his flock that possess genes for desirable but hard-to-measure traits such as intra-muscular fat, tenderness and lean meat yield.

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Genomic testing maps out path for leading breeders

Published on 4 Mar 2014

Genomic testing has dramatically changed ram selection on Dale Price's Glencoe farm, identifying superior stock for improving his flock, as well as exposing traits in
rams that he would otherwise have selected that would have set back the rate of genetic gain. Mr Price runs Majardah Poll Dorsets, part of the Meat Elite Group of studs which participated in the commercial - style DNA trials conducted as part of the Genomics Pilot Project by the Cooperative Research Centre for Sheep Industry
Innovation (Sheep CRC). This year the group DNA tested 188 rams out of a total of 2500 put up for possible selection and ended up with a team of 14 young rams that were star performers in specific traits, while at the same time maintaining genetic diversity. The DNA tests provided data on a broad range of traits, however Mr Price said the group was particularly focussed on improving meat eating quality.

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Team DNA profiling delivers highly predictable performance of future lambs

Published on 11 Dec 2013

DNA testing not only identifies the breeding potential of individual rams, the benefits to sheep breeders multiply dramatically when a preferred genetic profile is selected for a team of rams, according to Riverina studmaster Murray Long.

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JIVET & DNA supercharge sheep breeding at Leahcim

Published on 27 Nov 2013

Andrew Michael has taken sheep breeding beyond the cutting edge and into new territory, with a new program that is super-charging the speed of genetic gain in his flock.
Known as JIVET -- juvenile in vitro embryo transfer -- the program has already delivered stud lambs years in advance of those from his conventionally joined flock, thanks to a combination of old-school visual appraisal and traditional measurement techniques, with the latest in DNA testing and embryo collection methods.

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High-tech easy care sheep

Published on 11 Nov 2013

DNA testing has taken the guesswork out of breeding and fast-tracked profitability on Andrew Heinrich's Kangaroo Island farm - and he is just in the experimental stage of using the cutting-edge technology.

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