Sheep CRC 2011 Product Catalogue


The Sheep CRC 2011 Product Catalogue (Products & services to improve your sheep business) has been developed as a reference document summarising important resource material and how to access it.

Using the latest information, up to date technology and best decision tools has never been more important in the Australian sheep industry. The size of the national flock has declined to 67 million from a peak of 170 million just 20 years ago.

Low numbers of sheep coincide with very strong markets for lamb and mutton as well as strengthening demand for wool, particularly the finer micron categories. This scenario brings extraordinary challenges for the sheep industry.

The good news is that the range of first rate products summarised in this publication will help producers and breeders to make the most of the current opportunities and utilise and develop their resources most effectively. Importantly, this product catalogue complements information available in the 'Making More from Sheep' program and information available through Sheep Genetics. For further information on those programs, visit their websites or the MLA and AWI websites.

The catalogue provides a brief summary of each product and directions on how the product or information can be sourced. We will continue to develop and update this catalogue as the CRC produces more new products and refines existing products.


DownloadSheep CRC 2011 Product Catalogue (2.1 MB)

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Sheep CRC 2011 Product Catalogue

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