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Precision Sheep Management (PSM) focuses on managing individual or selected groups of animals to take advantage of the large variation between animals within a flock. It requires accurate measurement, selection, management and marketing strategies.

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Precision Sheep Management - Introduction

Increasing on-farm profitability by measuring, managing and marketing sheep on individual merit.

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Precision Pays

Producer profiles on how precision sheep management is achieving accuracy, confidence and on-farm profitability.

Precision Sheep Management - Glovebox guide

How measure and manage sheep to harness individual merit.

Precision Sheep Management - Reproductive performance

Increasing on-farm profitability by measuring, managing and marketing sheep on individual merit.

Precision Sheep Management - Weighing, recording and drafting

Increasing on-farm profitability by measuring, managing and marketing sheep on individual merit.

Precision Sheep Management - eStud: reaching new heights

Long-term genetic progress in the Australian sheep flock depends on the responses achieved in studs. Maximising genetic progress relies on accurately determining the genetic merit of rams and ewes that are available for selection.

The Pedigree MatchMaker Service

The majority of Merino breeding flocks have partial (sire only) or no record of pedigree. This is due in part to the labour intensive nature of collecting maternal pedigree (mothering-up) and the management of large numbers of individual records.

Pedigree MatchMaker offers an effective alternative method of collecting dam pedigree and when added to sire pedigree, adds substantially to the value of the information.

Walk Over Weighing - Train sheep to weigh themselves

Weigh sheep daily without handling the mob

An animal’s performance can be effectively monitored without moving it to the yards for conventional weighing. Walk Over Weighing (WOW) monitors the mob remotely by electronically capturing a sheep’s radio frequency identification (RFID) tag and body weight as it walks through a race to reach water, feed or another attractant. Human help is not required.

Practical Wisdom Notes / Fact Sheets

PW1.1 Enterprise Management Series

News Releases

EID for sheep pays quick dividends at Gilgai Farms
Implementing electronic identification (eID) and individual measurement has delivered both immediate and ongoing financial returns for Geurie, NSW, sheep producer, Eric Harvey. The eID system allowed him to quickly identify high and low performing animals, with subsequent culling improving the overall flock value by $4/head. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Less is more for WOW data
In the new world of "Big Data" determining what data is reliable and what is just "noise" is vital, and the case for in-paddock walk-over-weighing (WOW) of sheep liveweight is no different according to Holmes Sackett farm business consultant David Brown. The University of New England PhD graduate based his research on the use of WOW as a potential technology for regularly and precisely recording the live weights of individual... Click Here To Read Full Article »
eID pays dividends for small flock at Henty
With a small flock of around 500 ewes, Lee and Hetty O’Brien have found significant benefits from a modest investment in electronic identification (eID) equipment. Click Here To Read Full Article »
eID: Better information, better decisions, faster results
Electronic identification (eID) technology is offering sheep producers a chance to improve sheep breeding selection, animal well-being and performance management of their flock. To assist producers to capitalise on the opportunities, a field day was run at Mt William, Guyra on Tuesday. Click Here To Read Full Article »
The MatchMaker makes a mark
For most sheep breeders, the annual ritual of working out ‘who is whose’ is a vital yet laborious and costly exercise. Yet technology can now step in and automatically match lambs to their mums, in the paddock, and provide full pedigree information at a click. For many breeders, the advent of Pedigree MatchMaker technology is a blessing: costs are reduced, accuracy is high and the information collected can be used in... Click Here To Read Full Article »
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