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Genetic parameters for sheep production traits - estimates from the literature technical bulletin 49

DownloadGenetic parameters for sheep production traits - estimates from the literature technical bulletin 49 (571 KB)

Maternal genetics and reproduction - how important are they?

Maternal sire central progeny test (MCPT) and implications for Border Leicester breeders

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Sheep CRC Genomics Breakfast Workshop - LambEx 2012

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DNA Flock Profiling delivers sheep breeding insights at Europambela
New England Merino breeder Tony Overton has a much clearer picture of the genetic make-up of his superfine Merino flock and the areas which need attention following trials of a new application for the 15k DNA test designed specifically for commercial producers. Mr Overton, who manages 9000 ewes at ‘Europambela’ in the Walcha district, was a participant in early field trials of the DNA Flock Profiler, being developed by... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Got ram team records? Sheep CRC needs you!
Sheep breeders with comprehensive records of their ram teams are being sought by the Sheep CRC as it enters the final stages of development of the latest RamSelect app. The next version of RamSelect will feature enhanced ram searching capabilities to align with estimates of the current genetic merit of a commercial ewe flock, either based on records of the rams used during the previous 10 years, or using data obtained through... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Sheep DNA tests now quicker and easier
DNA testing of sheep is now quicker and easier than ever, following moves by the Sheep CRC to simplify the process for breeders. From July 1 producers will be able to purchase a stock of blood cards to keep on hand on their properties, allowing them to take blood samples at their convenience, such as at lamb marking, and only submit those they are most interested in for analysis at a later date when they consider their... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Major upgrade on the way for
Commercial sheep breeders could soon have access to a new DNA test that profiles the average genetic merit of their flock. This new information will increase the precision with which rams can be selected to have the greatest impact on flock performance. The DNA test results will feature in an upgraded RamSelect app, which will also allow breeders to store details of flock rams and their genetic merit in order to make better... Click Here To Read Full Article »
Finding the sweet spot for genetic gain
New research is tackling the challenge of how sheep producers can use the combination of modern DNA-based technologies and reproductive technologies to maximise genetic gain, without risks associated with inbreeding. Click Here To Read Full Article »
Big data delivers clearer growth picture for lambs
New research based on high-quality and large-scale data from the sheep industry’s Information Nucleus program will help breeders manage expectations about lamb growth rates, particularly for twins and triplets. Click Here To Read Full Article »
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