Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers

Ram buying is an important part of a sheep business. Often it is only done on one day per year, so it may seem difficult to justify investing too much time in picking your rams.

Your ram buying decisions have a large and lasting impact on the profitability and sustainability of your sheep enterprise.

This guide is provided to  help you understand the complexities of breeding profitable yet functional sheep that are right for your business. It focuses on how to make genetic gain in your sheep flock by selecting rams with the right Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).

Download your copy of the Guide below, or if you would like to order a free printed copy contact the Sheep CRC on 02 6773 1317 or via email -


DownloadAustralian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers (2.1 MB)

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Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers

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