2010 Sheep Focus Magazine



Sheep CRC Update seminars held in eight locations across Australia between February and May 2010 provided a valuable summary of progress achieved by the Sheep CRC and our Participants in our first three years of operation.

The Sheep CRC publication '2010 Sheep Focus' captures key messages and results presented in the seminars in a form that provides an easy reference document.

Conducting world-class research for the sheep industry is one part of the equation.

The second is just as important - ensuring that industry knows about the research, understands how to the new information and can apply it to improve profitability. ' 2010 Sheep Focus' aims to provide a reminder of some of the information presented at the update series and will hopefully trigger follow up action.

Please do not hesitate to contact the Sheep CRC, through the CEO or Program Leaders, with any questions you may have in relation to the information presented in this publication.

Download your copy below.

Download2010 Sheep Focus (3 MB)

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