Sheep CRC Practical Wisdom (PW) Notes is a series of practical information published to assist sheep producers to make sound decisions about technology and practices and to then have the know-how to implement their decisions. These notes are created around the technology and practices that the Sheep CRC has investigated, thus they are not intended to cover all aspects of sheep management. New notes will be uploaded as we convert our research results into useful information.

Practical Wisdom Notes / Fact Sheets

PW1.1 Enterprise Management Series

PW1.2 Nutrition Series

PW1.3 Reproduction Series

PW1.4 Parasite control in sheep

PW1.5 Precision Sheep Management

PW2.1 Measuring and managing wool quality

PW3.1 Quality Sheepmeat Series

PW3.2 Meat Science & consumer eating quality

PW4.1 New Opportunities in Genetics and Genomics

PW5.1 Impact of Education and Training

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