Fast, simple and accurate genetic selection plus new and powerful

benchmarking tools to track the progress of your flock.

What is Ramselect Plus?

RamSelect Plus is the latest version of the popular web-based app designed to simplify the use of Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs) so that you can quickly and easily identify the right genetics for your flock using objective data from Sheep Genetics— MERINOSELECT, LAMBPLAN and DOHNE. quickly searches all rams currently listed for sale and selects those that align with your specific breeding objective.

And RamSelect Plus now features new benchmarking tools so that you can better manage your ram team, compare your ram selections to national averages and track team performance and impact over time.

RamSelect Plus is mobile friendly and can be easily used on a phone or ipad.

Instructions for using the app can be found in the 'Learn more' tab on the site or download the RamSelect "How to" booklet below.

DownloadDownload RamSelect "How to" booklet (861 KB)


What are ASBVs?

Australian Sheep Breeding Values are an estimate of an animal’s breeding value based on pedigree, performance recorded and DNA testing information. They are an estimate of how the animal’s progeny will perform.

ASBVs remove variation caused by environmental and management effects and predict the genetic merit of the ram. It is this genetic merit that will be passed onto the progeny and drive business performance.

Importantly for sheep breeders, ASBVs are available for all the traits that are economically important to a sheep business.

More detailed information about ASBVs can be found in “ASBVs – A guide for ram buyers” below.


New Features

  1. Users now have a choice of personally customising the emphasis on the trait sliders, or selecting from the range of default industry indexes, such as Fibre Production, Dohne, Carcase Plus or Maternal.
  2. Advanced search filters allow users to undertake more targeted searches of the genetic marketplace.
  3. An enhanced account management system enables users to save and track the performance of their ram teams over time.
  4. Advanced benchmarking features show users how their rams compare to the rest of the industry.
  5. Flock Profile DNA Test results for commercial flocks can be uploaded to your account to help set search criteria for future ram purchases.
  6. RamSelect automatically confirms that the ranking calculation, for each animal in your search, has sufficient accuracy. If the calculation does not meet the required accuracy this warning symbol will be displayed. It is important to ensure that the rams in your search are being measured for the traits that are important to your breeding objective.

More details are available on the RamSelect site.


Ram Team Management

It’s really easy to set benchmarks for future ram purchases when you know the performance of your past and current team and know where you need to make improvement.

So we’ve added new functionality to allow you to store ram team information on the app. You can enter data on current and past rams and then keep the list up to date by automatically saving your new purchases.

With this information you can benchmark the progress of your current team against industry averages and track your progress over time.


DNA Flock Profile Test

Commercial sheep producers will soon have access to a new DNA test that provides a profile of the genetic merit of the ewe flock. This profile benchmarks where your flock sits compared to other flocks in the industry and along with ram team information, allows more precise and targeted selection of rams using ASBVs.

The Commercial Flock Profile DNA Test is based on testing about 20 randomly selected ewes from one age group. The Sheep CRC can then calculate ‘flock average’ breeding values for key traits. The test uses genetic linkages to animals with full genomic profiles in the Information Nucleus database to make the calculations.

The Flock Profile results can be automatically loaded into a user account on RamSelect Plus, so that the information can be accessed when selecting rams.

The Flock Profile data allows producers to set criteria for ram searches based on the known genetics of their ewes and a clearly defined breeding objective.



Why the sheep industry is backing RamSelect

Published on 14 Sep 2015

Hear from ram breeders, commercial producers, industry advisors and the technology sector on why is a major breakthrough for the industry.


How to make the most of

Published on 12 Aug 2015

A practical guide to using to ensure you maximise value when selecting rams that meet your breeding objectives.

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RamSelect Advanced Tutorial with Lu Hogan

Published on 17 Dec 2015

Want to get more out of RamSelect? Take our advanced user tutorial which includes tips on a range of new features recently added to the app.

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Why sheep breeders love RamSelect

Published on 8 Mar 2016

The Sheep CRC's RamSelect app has won a 2016 Innovation Award from the Cooperative Research Centres Association - here's why!

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RamSelect Plus User Tutorial with Lu Hogan

Published on 15 Aug 2016

Tips and tools on how to take advantage of all the new features of the RamSelect Plus to select better genetics and monitor the progress of your flock.



“RamSelect Plus makes it easier than ever to search for and select rams, and keep track of their performance. Since its launch in 2015, RamSelect has helped our clients  (and buyers across the industry) purchase rams that properly suit their individual breeding aims, especially those new to ASBVs.”—JAMIE HEINRICH, Ram Breeder, Kangaroo Island, SA.


"RamSelect simplifies the application of genetic technologies to commercial flocks. It will mean faster genetic gains, improved flock performance and better business profits."—STUART MITCHELL, Sheep Producer, Bollon, QLD.


"The RamSelect app offers both seed stock and commercial breeders of all sheep types a wonderful opportunity to make more informed decisions on genetics in their breeding programmes. I feel this type of technology will complement and enhance our visual appraisals in genetic selection." —CRAIG WILSON, Sheep Breeding Advisor, Wagga Wagga, NSW.


“The new Flock Profile DNA Test is a great tool for benchmarking the genetic strengths and weaknesses in a commercial flock. Used in combination with, we are now able to target the right genetics to improve our flock’s productivity and boost our bottom line.”—TONY OVERTON, Commercial Sheep Breeder, Walcha, NSW.


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