Teaching Units


The following Sheep & Wool Education Modules are available from the Australian Wool Education Trust (AWET).

Item                                  Reference                                             Title
1 WOOL412 Sheep Production
2 ANUT300 Applied Animal Nutrition
3 RSNR421 Sustainable Farming and Catchment Management                                                                                              
4 WOOL472 Wool Biology and Metrology
5 MEAT418 Meat Technology
6 WOOL422 Wool Marketing
7 WOOL482 Wool Processing
8 GENE412 Genetic Evaluation and Breeding
9 ANPR420 Sheepmeat Production and Marketing
10 ANPR450 Managing Sheep Enterprises


Other materials produced by the CRC are:

  • Farm, Fibre and Food: Sheep and Wool Industry Information Tool Kit;
  • Internal Parasite Control in Sheep;
  • Merino Sheep Breeding Trainer Guide;
  • School to Industry Links:  National Pack.


These materials are available on the Trust's website: www.woolwise.com and can be viewed on-line or downloaded in a single file and burnt to CD and/or DVD. The materials are also being distributed as a consolidated package with the Education Modules. A video covering wool productioni from farm to mill is in production.

Products & Training Resources

Australian Sheep Breeding Values - A guide for ram buyers

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Sheep CRC producer training delivers productivity gains
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Sheep CRC supports students in rural science
For Ellie Noon, the opportunity to learn through a rural placement scholarship has not only confirmed her ambition to pursue a career in the sheep industry, but opened her mind to the potential gains genetic research offers. The Sheep Cooperative Research Centre (Sheep CRC) is encouraging students to enter a career in rural science and the sheep industry by supporting the activities of the University of New England’s (UNE)... Click Here To Read Full Article » http://www.sheepcrc.org.au/information/news/sheep-crc-supports-students-in-rural-science-06-12-2011.php
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