eID Workshops

Sheep production systems based on measurement, management and marketing of animals according to

individual or group merit will increase productivity, wellbeing and returns.


Please note that the Sheep CRC no longer provides eID workshops


Below is a list of service providers that are available to assist producers with eID technology

AgriPartner Consulting

Contact Person: Hamish Dickson

Phone: 0427 446 499

Email:  enquiries@agripartner.com.au

Website: www.agripartner.com.au

Area/Locations serviced: SA, WA, NSW, VIC, TAS


Contact Person: Anthony Shepherd

Ph: 0418 132 864

Email: Anthony@sheepmatters.com.au

Website: www.sheepmatters.com.au

Area/Locations serviced: NSW

Sapien Technology

Contact Person: Clare Wyld

Phone number: 03 9808 7119

Email: info@sapien.com.au

Website: www.sapien.com.au

Area/locations serviced: Australia (based in Victoria)

Sally Martin Consulting

Contact Person: Sally Martin

Phone: 0400 782 477     

Email: sallymartin777@gmail.com           

Website: www.sallymartinconsulting.com

Area/locations serviced: Southern NSW; Phone

Richmond Hill Agribusiness P/L

Contact Person – Steve or Debbie Milne

Phone: 03 55786327 or Steve 0428786327 or Debbie 0407724066

Email: sjdjmilne@bigpond.com             

Area/locations serviced: VIC, SA Southern NSW and TAS

Vanguard Business Services

Contact Person:  Mark Gardner

Phone number:  0268 85 1925

Email:  mark.gardner@vbs.net.au

Website:  www.vbs.net.au

Area/locations serviced:  Central West NSW

Cousins Merino Services

Contact Person: Michelle Cousins

Phone: 08 88922108

Email: cousinsms@bigpond.com            

Website: www.cousinsms.com.au

Area/locations serviced: South Australia

Practical Systems Pty Ltd

Contact Person: Francis Waddell

Phone: 1800 624 688 or  02 6772 6672

Email: sales@practicalsystems.com.au

Website: www.practicalsystems.com.au

Area/locations serviced: Australia/New Zealand/Overseas

Achieve Ag Solutions

Contact Person: Nathan Scott

Phone: 0409 493 346

Email: nathan@achieveag.com.au

Website: www.achieveag.com.au

Ag Innovate

Contact Person: Jonathan England

Phone: 08 9881 5431 or 0499 815431

Email: jonathan@aginnovate.com.au

Website: www.aginnovate.com.au

Area/locations serviced: Western Australia


Practical Wisdom Notes / Fact Sheets

PW5.1 Impact of Education and Training

News Releases

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