Training activities are embedded within each research program. Lu Hogan coordinates industry training and Dr Graham Gardner manages the Post-graduate program.

Wellbeing and productivity (Program 1)
Training will focus on helping pregnancy scanning contractors and other service providers collect and use information on individual ewes at various points in the production cycle. Training packages will be developed with the data management companies and other service providers.

Quality-based sheepmeat value chains (Program 2)
Will utilise the services of the existing Industry Supply Chain Officers working closely with Meat &  Livestock Australia (MLA) and the Meridian Agriculture team. Training and new resource material will be developed to assist producers meet carcase specifications more consistently. Producer and processor workshops will help explain the new feedback systems (integrated with MLA’s Livestock Data Link initiative).

Faster affordable genetic gain (Program 3)
Will build further skills for genetic service consultants and leading breeders as part of a sustainable professional network to support the breeding sector and commercial producers.

Twelve Postgraduate scholarships will be offered in Years 1 and 2. PhD programs will be promoted in areas where there is clear need for future researcher expertise. Masters scholarships will be encouraged in collaboration with industry Participants. Industry co-supervision will be encouraged and programs will be fully embedded within CRC projects. The CRC’s successful professional development program for postgraduate students will continue. There is also provision for three post-doctoral fellowships to keep the best young scientists trained in the current CRC.

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